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How it works

It couldn’t really be any simpler. Our partnership programme has been specifically designed for agencies, meaning you sell your services and order white-label content writing online. We deliver great quality on time, every time.


You’ve found the customers and turned them into customers. Now it’s time to deliver. But content creation – ad-hoc or on-going – takes time and resources.


Use our online customer portal to order your content requirements. With preferential prices for our partners, you can scale according to your needs.


We take your brief, research the topic and the client and write the content. This is edited before being returned to you on time, ready for you to deliver to your client.


Your content is delivered to the client. You’re happy. They’re happy. And if they’re not, we’ll edit until they are. Then it’s simply a case of boosting your revenue.

Perks of the programme

As a member of the Minerva Creative partnership programme, you have the opportunity to boost your own revenues by taking advantage of our white-label services. We provide:

  • Preferential pricing on all content work
  • Dedicated team of experienced UK copywriters
  • All work fully edited before completion
  • Revisions and changes included
  • Scalable service
  • Dedicated support and project management


We’re sure you probably have a few questions. That’s why we’ve created this little frequently asked questions section. Smart, eh?

We don’t sell content. Why should we care?

Well, we’re never going to comment on another company’s business model. But if you’re currently not selling content, you are missing out on a valuable revenue stream for your business. Clients pay for quality content. And they need it. And they will always need it. Selling a content package or content subscription – even as little as a few blog posts each month – makes a difference to their online success, and could help generate valuable revenue for you.

So, this is just outsourcing, right?

Ok, ok. You got us. Yes, this is a form of outsourcing. But we prefer to call it white labelling or, as this page suggests, partnerships. Regardless of the name you choose, the simple fact is, your clients will never know that it’s us providing the work. You pay the partnership price to us for your content, mark it up how you see fit, and everybody’s happy. You get all the credit too. Which is nice.

I’ve seen an AI writer online. Can’t I just use that?

I mean, you can. You can also have a Pot Noodle for your dinner if you wish.

We prefer to keep things in-house

We don’t blame you. But sometimes you need a helping hand. Or you just don’t have time. Or maybe you need a fresh perspective on things. That’s where we come in.

What are the prices?

Well, I guess you’ll have to get in touch to find out. But we operate on the basis of “not cheap, but affordable.” And you do get what you pay for. Being a partner means you also secure a preferential rate that others don’t. Just get in touch and we’ll provide you with more details.

How will I order content?

Like most online companies, we have our own customer support portal. We’ve tailored this so that it’s simply a case of raising a request and providing a brief. Everything will be safely stored for you to access and review. We’ll then invoice you at the end of the month.

What’s with the Stormtroopers? 

Not much. We just like them. And LEGO.

Download our brochure

We understand that you don’t wish to make a snap decision right now. In fact, you’d probably want to take some time to think about it. So why not download a copy of our brochure? This details more about us and what we offer and you can refer back to it time after time. We’re not going anywhere so even if you don’t need us now, you can get in touch with us in the future. We’re always happy to help.


See what others have to say

“Minerva Creative are in my opinion one of the leading content writing/marketing specialists in Kent. They always produce great content, on time and within the budget set. Their experience and knowledge of SEO is impressive, as is their overall approach to Digital Marketing – you couldn’t meet a nicer team….you should absolutely consider them for future projects.”

Paul Newman


Some of our past copywriting clients