SEO in Kent

Search engine optimisation (SEO) represents the foundation for a successful online presence for all businesses. At Minerva Creative, our SEO services in Kent provide the support you need to boost your performance in all the major search engines – including Google, Bing, and Yahoo! – and reach out to existing and potential customers.

SEO investment requires patience; there’s no overnight success but the benefits it delivers are manifold.

Benefits of SEO

  • Improve your website’s visibility in search engines
  • Improve awareness of your brand
  • Boost online sales and revenue
  • Increase the value of traffic to your website
  • Reduce spend on more expensive forms of advertising
  • Engage with the right audience at the right time

Why SEO in Kent?

If you’re a Kent-based business you’ll know that the level of competition in any industry is significant. You’ll also be aware that the first thing potential clients do when looking for a product or service is to take to the search engines. Quite simply, if you’re not appearing in the results, you’re not going to capture that customer.

Of course, every website and every business wants to hold the first-place ranking for the most competitive search terms. After all, the broader the search term, the more traffic to a website. But making it to the top – and being able to stay there – has never been harder.

Many SEO companies often claim to be able to secure a #1 ranking within weeks of taking over your account. While there may be instances where such an achievement is possible, more often than not any such service presents significant risk to your business performance. Google’s intelligent and continually evolving algorithms are able to identify those SEO practitioners attempting to manipulate search results, leaving clients suffering penalties that can take months – if not years – to recover from.

Beware claims of…

  • Instant high rankings
  • Quick accrual of links
  • Sudden increases in traffic

Among the key principles of best practice SEO are to achieve high rankings organically and to deliver the very best user experience. ‘Instant wins’ do not adhere to these ideals.

SEO with Minerva Creative

At Minerva Creative in Kent, our SEO services are tailored to your own specific needs. What’s more, we follow industry best practice to ensure that you will never be subjected to penalties by search engines. In fact, it’s our belief that, in addition to technical SEO services, truly effective SEO should be built around the core principle of quality content. That’s why we work alongside you to develop an SEO strategy that targets your audience through the best possible content.

Our SEO services…

Discover more about how the SEO in Kent available from Minerva Creative covers a range of services and activities, and liaise with a member of the team today for a FREE quotation for any work you require.

SEO auditing

We’ll analyse the performance of your online presence, focusing on those technical elements requiring action and areas needing improvements.

SEO strategy

Our SEO experts will work with you to develop an ongoing SEO strategy based on the findings of our audit and thorough competitor analysis.

Keyword research

Keywords continue to play an important role in SEO. We’ll help identify those suitable keyword terms to maximise online exposure.

On-site SEO

Optimising a website is an arduous task. We’ll take the hard work out of optimising your webpages to ensure best-possible performance.

Off-site SEO

From link building to online PR, backlink analysis to monitoring the performance of your competitors, we’ll conduct throughout off-site SEO work.

Local SEO

Dominating the online environment begins by conquering local SEO rankings. We’ll ensure you’re fully optimised for local SEO performance for your business.

Mobile SEO

Adopting a mobile-first approach is essential with a high proportion of users accessing the internet via mobile devices. We’ll tailor your SEO to meet this demand.

Content creation

Quality content is key. Unlike others, we specialise in a content-first approach to all our work, taking away the hard work and investment required to develop regular content.


We’ll deliver complete monthly analysis of SEO performance so that you can monitor success and improvements in your online presence.

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“Minerva Creative are in my opinion one of the leading content writing/marketing specialists in Kent. They always produce great content, on time and within the budget set. Their experience and knowledge of SEO is impressive, as is their overall approach to Digital Marketing – you couldn’t meet a nicer team….you should absolutely consider them for future projects.”

Paul Newman


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