Avante Care & Support

Discover how Minerva Creative helped deliver optimised web content and a series of blog posts for the acclaimed charitable organisation.

The brief

Assist with content creation for a corporate website and social media channels.

Our solution

Working alongside the client, we were provided with briefing information and keywords from which to develop blog posts and the necessary website content that would help improve performance in search engines in terms of both traffic and rankings.

Our process, like in all online content we create, began in with a research stage, identifying suitable and authoritative resources upon which we could call. We also undertook competitor analysis, which help us determine the nature of content we would be competing against.

Our copywriting experts then drafted inital posts for editorial review and client approval. Any additional requirements would then be implemented before going live.

What the client has to say

“Minerva Creative are a great company to work with. Michael and the team produce excellent content promptly and at a very reasonable fee. The content written by Minerva has undoubtedly enhanced the website and supported a visible increase in website traffic and page impressions. Excellent content, excellent company!”

Lyndsay Hopper

Avante Care & Support

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