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When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), content is most-certainly king – but not just any type of content. Original, well-written and relevant information stands to receive the greatest visibility online – especially following the Google Panda update, which was rolled out in 2011 to penalise poor-quality sites and is now part of Google’s core ranking algorithm. For this reason, Minerva Creative believes in developing a coherent SEO content strategy as part of a sound online marketing plan.

SEO work built on the foundations of great content

With around 27 million pieces of online content being shared daily, it’s fair to say that people are already clued up to the value of content placement. In fact, 60 per cent of content-sharing messages related to a specific industry feature a brand name showing how content and marketing go hand-in-hand – but what can we do for you that’s unique and different? And how can we help with your long-term SEO strategy?

High-quality content

Well, we firmly believe that for SEO content to be successful it must be of the highest quality and this is the essence behind everything we do. With search engines looking for visitor-friendly content that’s easy to read and informative – not churned out or spun without attention or care – we will take the time and energy to craft unique, engaging copy that’ll benefit your overall SEO campaign.

While keyword cramming might have been a popular SEO technique back in the day, placing relevant words in the right places is now much more of an art – and one that we’ve perfected to ensure each page of your site will rank as highly as possible.

No cheap tricks, no quick wins

We stay well clear of black hat SEO strategies that might get you blacklisted and damage the reputation of your business. There are no cheap tricks or quick wins in the world of content SEO. It’s all about hard work and determination which is why you won’t find us duplicating or mirroring copy. We won’t distribute spam blogs or use the same content with just a few changed keywords. Dishonesty in the form of cloaking is not for us and we won’t bait-and-switch – getting a page indexed before changing the content in a deceitful way.

At Minerva Creative it’s all about honesty and hard graft, putting our expert SEO and content creation knowledge to the test to achieve great results.

Our SEO content services

We offer a wide-range of SEO content services to ensure you’re covered from multiple angles. These include:

On-page optimisation

Optimising a website takes great care and skill, but with our content knowledge and expertise we’ll ensure that it’ll be indexed and ranked by search engines.

Content generation

From SEO articles and blogs to PR materials – we’ve got you covered. We know what works and how to write in an SEO-friendly way that will also appeal to readers.

Blogger outreach

Contacting bloggers and creating links back to your site is an SEO technique that can raise your rankings and help improve conversion, so why not let us get your site more hits?

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60 per cent of content-sharing messages related to a specific industry feature a brand name showing how content and marketing go hand-in-hand

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