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May 4, 2021 minerva

Affordable copywriting services in 2021

Finding the perfect copywriting services in 2021 is a minefield, with so many providers offering their services at a range of price points. So which is the right service for you? How much should you be looking to spend? And what are the benefits of outsourcing copywriting to a third party?

Writing the right copy for your business

The cornerstone of any modern marketing strategy should be writing compelling copy. Whether you’re creating a florist’s marketing strategy or launching a startup, having your marketing voice delivered in the best way possible can make all the difference to the success of your business.

Everyone wants to be understood by their audience. Clients, customers, employees and even other businesses are not only looking for good copy, they’re looking for something that communicates effectively and persuasively. As such, it’s no wonder copywriting is so in demand in the business world – content marketing and effective copywriting are the fastest growing marketing channels of the last decade. As content marketing improves, the need for competent, well-written copy increases. 

How copywriting services can help you

Many of us know the benefits of having a solid writing team on hand to put our thoughts into a clear and compelling narrative. The problem is, hiring a great writer – who is experienced in the niche you are targeting – can be prohibitively expensive. That said, more often than not, that price tag is worth paying. Even if a writer is charging around £100 an hour, that’s a fair price to pay to get a professional journalist producing beautiful content to help spread your message. 

What do you need to know before hiring a copywriter?

It is estimated that just 14% of large companies in the UK hire a professional copywriter as part of their marketing team, so it’s not surprising that a growing number of firms are turning to outsourcing copywriting to save on costs. And more and more people are starting to think that they can engage an individual or small team of freelancers or contractors to undertake this task for them. One of the key reasons for this is the falling cost of hiring professional copywriters. 

How to hire a copywriting service

As copywriting is such an essential part of the marketing mix, it is perhaps no surprise that it will always be an essential service. Whether your business is relatively new and wants to be innovative and different to its competitors, or you are a more established business that wants to stand out from the crowd, you cannot afford to do all your own copywriting yourself. But, if you’re going to spend hundreds or even thousands on outsourcing, you want to get the right advice, and a copywriting service is often the best way to source specialist help. After all, if you pay for top-quality content, it should lead to more sales, right? 

Outsourcing copywriting services

So where do you start when you need to outsource copywriting? The experts at the top agencies will offer in-depth insight into the factors that go into creating successful content marketing campaigns and the key elements you need to bear in mind. 

Of course, if you’re looking to make the most of what copywriting services have to offer, the most important thing to remember is that their service is different to that of a brand’s in-house copywriter. While the actual process is very much the same – such as writing concise copy in an engaging way – you can be sure that the copy will have been vetted by people who have a wide range of experience in both the commercial and creative fields.

What role does AI play in copywriting?

One question that seems to arise frequently is the potential role of AI in copywriting. The rise of artificial intelligence has revolutionised the way we do everything from travel and online shopping to cooking and photography. And, while AI-driven bots are replacing human editors in some sectors, its use in copywriting has so far been limited. As such, it’s unlikely we’ll see robots writing effective, original copy anytime soon.


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