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October 2, 2017 Charlotte Carlton

What content should you include on your accommodation website?

If you have a website for your accommodation business, you’re off to a good start. If your slice of the web is responsive and easy to access via multiple gadgets, you’re off to an even better start. But aside from download speeds and the overall functionality of your site, it’s important to think carefully about the type of content your accommodation website should include.

The written word can be extremely powerful when used correctly, so here are some useful tips about what to display on your site.

1. Your business name and location

It sounds simple, but your business name and location should be at the forefront of all key information you provide. If possible, both should appear in meta tags and descriptions, titles, and headings. Also include them throughout the rest of your text, where appropriate. It’s important to remember that the language you use is clear and concise; simply stuffing these location terms into your copy in a way that it ‘spammy’ should be avoided at all costs.

Firstly it’s good for local SEO, helping you rank for specific location-based keywords. Secondly, it ensures your website ranks highly for direct searches for your company name. A keyword strategy will help you come up with a list of short and long-tail terms you want to focus on; this will enable you to take a logical and methodical approach to SEO.

2. The rooms/facilities you offer

Whether you run a traditional hotel overlooking the beach or a quirky countryside B&B, it’s important to describe the type of accommodation you offer. While hotels can talk about everything from room service to a 24-hour concierge service, a self-catering apartment complex may boast an exceptional outside space with a beautiful outdoor swimming pool.

Promoting your unique selling points is a must, but also be sure to talk about general room facilities. These might include a coffee machine in every room or a Jacuzzi bath in the Master Suites. To avoid customer confusion, always identify rooms clearly and point out any differences if necessary.

If your accommodation is family-friendly, state whether or not you provide baby equipment such as cots or monitors and whether you offer a babysitting service.

Make sure your marketing messages are clear and your booking engine works smoothly.

3. Prices and offers

Visitors to your site don’t want to hunt for prices. Therefore, make sure your marketing messages are clear and your booking engine works smoothly. If you’ve any offers or promotional packages, it’s a good idea to mention these on your landing page as well as in a separate offers tab. You can always interlink to enhance user experience.

4. Nearby attractions

If your guests are on holiday, they will probably want to explore the wider area. With this in mind, why not have a page on your website dedicated to top attractions? Use locally sourced imagery and quality video production to show exactly what’s on offer and point out everything from family-friendly attractions to adventure trails and sports centres.

5. Events

An events page can include events taking place at your accommodation or information about things going on locally. By providing key details, you’ll keep people on your site longer and give them a chance to delve deeper into what’s on offer. In addition, adding the latest events to your website is a great way to offer new and fresh content to both your users and search engines, helping boost your appearance and success in search engines.

Your website needs to make a great first impression if you want people to book with you.

Your website needs to make a great first impression if you want people to book with you. Good content, presented in an interesting way, provides your users with everything they need. It’s essential if you don’t want to lose them to other sites.

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