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May 6, 2015 minerva

5 Reasons to Invest in Content Writing Services


For businesses large and small, new and old, an effective digital marketing strategy is essential. Without investment in marketing, raising awareness of a brand, reaching out to new customers, and converting potential leads into guaranteed sales would be impossible. As such, investment in marketing should never be overlooked.

Of course, digital marketing is a multifaceted discipline. From search engine optimisation to paid advertising, there are a number of considerations to bear in mind when it comes to spending your marketing budget. One of the most effective and enduring options for marketing investment, however, lies in content writing services. Below we take a look at five reasons why content writing services should form a major part of any marketing campaign.

1. Exceptional ROI

When it comes to looking for great value for money, content marketing has few peers. While many companies my baulk at the thought of having to invest in content, the enduring value of effective, quality work cannot be overstated. Imagine investing in a 1,000-word article that attracts 50 links. Those links will prove invaluable to your search rankings, and will have a lasting effect on your website, attracting traffic and boosting sales for months and years to come. When compared to the short-term gains achieved through such activities as PPC, the ROI afforded by content is clear to all.

2. Support the buying cycle

Here at Minerva Copywriting, we’re huge advocates of the customer buying cycle and, when it comes to content creation, we like to ensure that the work we create plays an important role in the journey a customer makes. By investing in content writing services, you are able to generate the necessary marketing messages that push an audience towards a sale. From brand awareness and regular blog posts, email copywriting to social media content, every piece of content work plays an integral role in a successful conversion.

3. Engagement

Establishing a rapport and lasting relationship with a customer is essential for any company. While customer service represents one means of creating an enduring relationship, content marketing is another. Engaging with an audience is never easy, but with professional copywriting services, you can generate the marketing messages necessary to foster a rapport with your target marketing. Whether it’s through informative blog posts or detailed product descriptions, content can connect with an audience in a manner that last for years to come.

4. Get noticed

Social media has become integral to online and business success – no form of marketing can be quite as powerful as word of mouth. As such, you should look to invest in content writing services that promote the sharing and dissemination of your content. Invest in work that is engaging and interactive, informative and entertaining, and it will soon be shared on social networks. As a major SEO signal and playing an important role in your search rankings, can you afford not to have content that is shared socially?

5. Fresh content keeps things interesting

It’s worth remembering that much of the content you see online is time sensitive. Unless you’re able to establish yourself with evergreen content (how to guides, in-depth reports, etc.) you will need to keep posting new and interesting content in order to attract attention. What’s more, search engines place great value on the regular production of content, with publication alerting search engine bots to crawl your site more often and improving your SEO performance.

To find out more about how investing in content writing services can help your business achieve greater levels of online success, contact Minerva Copywriting today on 0800 180 4085 or by submitting an online enquiry form. Our team of experienced copywriters and content marketing professionals will be delighted to offer you the guidance you need to achieve more online through content marketing.

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