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April 30, 2015 minerva

Travel Copywriting


Here at Minerva Copywriting, we know how important is it to be fully immersed in a subject matter in order to truly bring it to life. When it comes to generating marketing material for our clients, we’ve always found one topic to be far simpler than any other to get excited about: travel.

The world is a wonderfully diverse place, with so many unforgettable sights and sounds to savour; as such, being able to delve into the culture and history of some of the world’s most compelling destinations makes our job as exciting and fascinating as can be. And, if we’re working on travel copywriting for your company, we like to think that the excitement we feel about our work shines through.

Recent travel copywriting projects

Over the years, we’ve been fortunate enough to work on a number of travel copywriting projects. Those completed recently include engaging travel blog posts for the multi-award winning travel company, Holiday Extras, as well as extensive content work for the new Belle France website. Throughout both projects, we were able to thoroughly research and investigate the charms of chosen destinations, and provide a unique angle on what to see, do, and experience.

What’s more, the different audience types for the two projects meant we had the opportunity to diversify the tone of voice and type of content featured in the work. Such variation in terms of tone and content ensured that the projects were as challenging as they were fascinating – something which enabled us to keep content fresh and engaging.

Best of all, we received fantastic feedback from the clients regarding our travel copywriting work – what could be better?

Quality travel copywriting

At Minerva Copywriting, we enjoy working across all subject matters, but travel copywriting is undoubtedly among our favourites. By being able to focus our attention on some of the world’s most compelling travel locations – and dream that we ourselves were there – is as rewarding for us as it is for our clients.

If you’re a travel company looking to expand your target audience, reach out to existing customers, or even boost brand awareness, we have the travel copywriting expertise to help drive new levels of online success. Simply get in touch with us today by submitting an online enquiry form, or by calling our friendly, knowledgeable team FREE on 0800 180 4085.

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