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Volkswagen adverts

Volkswagen adverts are among the very best in the automotive industry. In being able to hire some of the finest creative minds at some of the biggest agencies around the world, it’s perhaps no surprise that it continues to display its creativity in new and entertaining ways. After all, this is the company for which the iconic ‘Think Small’ concept revolutionised how manufacturers could make a big impact through embracing simplicity.

What is particularly noticeable about Volkswagen is its willingness to embrace humour. As a brand that delivers sturdy, reliable models, it’s always refreshing to see Volkswagen take such a laidback approach to advertising its products. While some of the more recent Volkswagen adverts (shown below) may not stand the test of time, we should still commend Volkswagen for at least continuing its easy-going trend.

Volkswagen’s warning

Few brands – let alone within the automotive sector – can lay claim to such challenging, clever, and effective advertising as Volkswagen. This latest print advert, which can be seen on Ads of the World, is simple yet effective. While initially there may not be much going on visually, the copy and minimalist nature of the image work together perfectly to communicate the warning. As is so often the case, the simplest ideas are the most effective.

The advert, which highlights the dangers of texting while driving, was created by Ogilvy and Mather Cape Town.

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