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May 7, 2015 minerva

Why copywriting services are essential to online success

For any company looking to dominate search engines, effective SEO and digital marketing are a must, and key to such dominance are quality copywriting services. As more and more companies battle for limited space on page one of Google, gaining the upper hand in any way possible means investing in the most effective, most influential factors related to marketing. And, when it comes to influence, few methods have such an enduring effect as content marketing.

Of course, for content marketing to perform at its best, a combination of professional copywriting services and intelligent SEO is required. But what exactly are the benefits of copywriting services and why should your business look to invest? We take a look at five key reasons why copywriting services are essential to online success.

1. Fresh content pleases Google

Google likes relevancy. Whether that’s relevancy of subject or time-sensitivity, relevant content is the key to better online performance. As such, regular production of unique content is fundamental to better rankings. The more regularly you write and add content to your website or blog, the more regularly Google will crawl your website, the more pages you have indexed, and the more keywords and traffic you’re able to capitalise on. By investing in copywriting services, you can have a provider supply you with quality content, day in, day out.

2. Attract links

Creating content for the sake of it is, to all intents and purposes, a waste of time and energy. Any piece of content you create and post on your website should seek to achieve a goal, whether that’s to push towards conversion, engage with users, or attract links. And, as has been the case for many years, attracting links is all-important to online success. By taking the time to create high-quality content, you end up with a piece of work that is refined and detailed, informative and engaging. As such, the likelihood of attracting links and boosting your rankings is enhanced significantly.

3. Stay engaged

Generating a relationship with an audience plays an important role in getting more leads and converting more sales. By investing in copywriting services, you can benefit from the experience of professional copywriters who know how to engage with audiences of all types. Regardless of demographic, quality copywriters can adapt the content they create to engage on an emotional level, triggering the response you need to achieve your goals.

4. Convert

Connecting with an audience is one thing, converting that audience into sales and revenue is something altogether different. Working with an experienced copywriting agency enables you to develop a user experience that is tailored towards conversion. With persuasive content, evocative prose, and clear call to actions, quality copywriters will help guide users precisely where you want them to head, and boost the conversion rate of your website.

5. Promote social activity

Social media plays an integral role in modern business, with the power of effective social marketing able to boost sales and revenue to unprecedented levels. Key to social media marketing is content. Without engaging content to share, activity on social networks all but comes to a standstill. By investing in copywriting services and the experience of a content marketing agency, you can develop a social strategy that utilises the content created and promotes online interactions.

To find out more about how copywriting services and content marketing can help your business achieve more online, contact Minerva Copywriting today on 0800 180 4085. We take pride in developing high-quality content that will engage with your target audience. You can even receive a free sample of content by completing the form on this page.

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