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December 31, 2014 minerva

Content marketing 2015: our expectations


It’s safe to say that 2014 was a busy year in the world of content marketing. Search volume experienced growth that, a few years ago, would’ve been beyond the wildest dreams of content editors and copywriters around the globe, while the demand for quality content has meant that SEO experts have quickly had to rebrand themselves as master of the art of content generation.

But what about content marketing in 2015? How can we expect the discipline to evolve? Are there likely to be any significant shifts in the mindset of digital marketers that see the demand for content diminish? Below we take a look at some expected developments for content marketing in 2015.

Sort the wheat from the chaff

Something we witnessed throughout 2014 was that more and more companies have entered the digital marketplace to offer content marketing services. Many of these companies have evolved from offering standard SEO services, revising what they offer to encompass more content-orientated services. While a large proportion have made this transition effectively, there remains a number of operators that have ‘missed the point’ of content marketing.

There has never been a shortcut to developing quality content – it’s a time-consuming process that demands the input of copywriters, designers, marketers, and more. For those that simply look to create page after page after page of keyword-led content, they will soon realise that the online environment has left them behind and their time in the industry is limited.

The rise of specialist content creators

As already identified, the process of content creation is one that takes skill and time. Copywriters possess the expertise necessary to craft the messages that connect with an audience and promote sales and conversions; graphic designers create visual elements that play a part in successful digital operations; user experience professionals understand the mechanics behind what works and what doesn’t; and video content editors can craft a compelling video that engages with a customer base.

As such, we can expect 2015 to witness the specialist content creators to thrive in the industry, with more and more companies investing in the services of professionals to engage with their audience and drive traffic, sales, and revenue.

A focus on audience

Too often, companies and brands look inwards to their own wants and needs when trying to communicate. This tendency needs to be eliminated in 2015. There has already been an acceptance among industry professionals that creating content that only meets the needs of search engines has run its course. Similarly, content that focuses solely on the interests of the brand will decline in the coming years, while the need to focus on the wants and needs of customers comes to the fore. It’s always worth remembering that, in any marketing promotion, the most important word to use is ‘you’ and not ‘us’.

Analysis of effective content

Measuring the efficacy of content is never easy, with the available metrics not always fulfilling the needs you have. Traffic and bounce rate, for example, may not tell you everything you need to know about the content you create; similarly, calculating a traditional AVE for online public relations is not always an effective means of determining how successful you’ve been. Throughout 2015, we hope to see companies invest the time to consider precisely what constitutes effective content without necessarily demanding traditional metrics.

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Where do you see content heading in 2015? Perhaps you’ve noticed some trends throughout 2014 that you see developing further in the coming year? Let us know your thoughts and expectations for what content marketing holds in the near future.

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